About Us
Squid Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced research and development services for companies that need breakthrough products driven by bold thinking and radical innovation. We also provide an array of engineering services for artistic teams operating on the world stage.

We are scientists, engineers and designers who develop novel technologies that redefine mature markets and create new ones. Our cross-disciplinary strength provides our clients with a broad market and technical perspective to the innovation and product development process.

Our process accelerates the way clients bring innovation from research to the marketplace. Our tight-knit cross-disciplinary capabilities minimize your time and monetary investment. Our structure eliminates the disconnects that create unnecessary expense and slow the speed of bringing innovation to market. We will work with you to create technology innovation at any stage of your development process.

Squid Consulting started in 2004 as the consulting division of Squid Labs, in 2007 it was spun out as an independent LLC.

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